COVID-19: How to disinfect your Castles Technology device: good tips to adopt

We are happy to provide our in-depth best practices for keeping yourself, your customers and your payment device clean and virus-free.


Why is it important to clean your payment device (or any electronic device)?


  1. To prevent the spread of the virus from your equipment, screen, keypad… as employees and customers keep holding, touching during the transaction process


  1. To extend the life of the electronic device by removing dirt inside the device.


Our cleaning and disinfecting recommendations:

  • To clean use a microfiber cleaning material or cloth towel. And wipe it with a dry cloth.
  • To disinfect use disinfectant wipes specifically for electronic devices, or isopropyl alcohol solution (up to 70% isopropyl alcohol solution) and a soft towel.
  • To clean the card slot: Use a cleaning card made specifically for card readers.
  • Do it several times per day.
  • Your device must be off and unplugged from any power source.



  • Use aerosol sprays, bleaches, or abrasive cleaner (powders, scrub brush, etc.)
  • Spray liquid cleaners directly onto the device.
  • Soak the device with cleaning liquid.


Contactless Payments

Above all, keep in mind that contactless payments are an outstanding barrier against CODIV-19 as there is no physical touch and therefore customers don’t leave or pick up the virus when using this payment technology.


For further information, please contact your local support or health authorities.


Stay safe!