How Castles Technology is Transitioning Coronavirus


How we are transitioning to a safe production and working environment. Our response to  COVID-19.

In this time of solidarity due to COVID-19, it is our top priority – as it’s always been – to  provide a high-quality customer experience in an environment that is both the most  effective and safe.

In the past couple of weeks, our team has worked tirelessly to provide an efficient  transition to this new environment. Our employees and management have applied the  best practices with the following focus:


Ensure the safety of our employees: work from home with access to the high-speed  Internet that enables remote productive work to support our customers as our  global team is fully devoted to your satisfaction.

Ensure the service to our customers, real skills matter: extensive use of industry-  leading remote secure working tools.

Ensure our customers’ business continuity: robust dual production strategy decision  taken in the past with plants in both China and Taiwan. Our Taiwanese factories  never stopped producing and have allowed us to serve our customers without any  disruption.

Apply the ongoing instructions given by the governments and health authorities.

Continue to deliver on our innovation roadmap and leverage our deployment  solutions, as the effective launch of Saturn 1000 F2, best in class Android payment  solution.


Since 1993, Castles Technology has established itself as a top global manufacturer of next-  generation card payment devices with a strong focus to help our customers transforming  their business. This enduring focus guides us as we closely monitor, assess, and respond to  this unprecedented situation.

Your usual contacts are at your disposal for any questions you may have; do not hesitate  to contact them, we are there to help and support you.

These are challenging times. Working together, we will all emerge stronger than before.  But most importantly, stay safe!